Zip Line at the Great Wall of China

It's one of the most epic treks in the world - walking on the iconic Great Wall. Did you know it can get even better by finishing the hike with a zip line?

Justin & I spent a day at the Great Wall when we were traveling to Beijing. We had heard of a less touristy route to hike located 3 hours north of the city, so we took an early morning bus to Jinshanling. The 4-hour hike to Simatai was incredible and it was time to go back to the bus. We had the option of a 20-minute walk down a hanging bridge from the top or taking the 1-minute zip-line over the river below.

We figured we had to experience it! We soared over the river and saw the Great Wall off to our left. It was a surreal experience and a rush flying to the bottom where a guide eased us back to land.  There, we saw a simple little shop to grab food and souvenirs. We then had lunch along the shore while watching fellow zip-liners.

The zip line is definitely worth considering if you're headed to the Great Wall. It's well worth the extra couple of hours and I couldn't have imagined a better finish to the entire experience!