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8 Reasons to See Iceland by Camper Van

If driving and camping in a foreign country sound a little out of your comfort zone, hear us out.  Iceland is an adventure playground and a camper van is a great way to explore it. 

Why rent a camper:

1. You’ll see more.

Since you won’t have to shuttle or drive back to a hotel, you’ll have more time for taking in the sights. With a camper van, you can travel farther each day than you would otherwise be able to. That's more time to take in the beauty of glaciers, geysers, boiling mud pools and more.

2. Save money.

Instead of paying for a hotel and booking day tours, you can sleep and explore at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also have a built-in kitchen for when you don’t want to eat out for every meal. In Iceland, even a fast food meal can cost $15.

3. You’ll feel a world away, in the best way.

Fall asleep with the Northern Lights swirling above. Wake up to the sound of a nearby waterfall. Open your door to a view of a glacier. You get to appreciate these awesome moments before the crowds arrive.

4. The roads are great.

Iceland’s Ring Road (Hwy 1) is the main path that leads you to Iceland’s best glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls and more. It’s all paved making an easy and safe way to get from one spot to the next.  

5. Camp sites make it easy.  

Rarely will you need a camping reservation. You can often just show up, park for the night and use the modern and well-managed facilities.

6. The landscape is ideal for a road trip.

Iceland has a small number of people per square mile and hardly any trees. Drive the open road and soak up the scenery without having to worry about traffic. Your camper is also easy to spot with such open terrain.

7.  Convenience is key.

The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable. With a camper van, you decide how long to stay in each location rather than relying on transfer schedules.

8. Adventure is good. 

Sure, you may have to be the navigator and could have a windy night or two, but having an adventure to remember is certain. In a place as beautiful and remote as Iceland's land of fire and ice, you'll be glad to stay among the beauty while exploring it to the fullest.