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How to Save $100 On Every Trip

We all love to travel but know that costs can add up quickly on vacation. Want to save money without sacrificing the fun? Consider these 5 ways to keep more money in your wallet when on the road.

Use Local Transportation

Not only is it an authentic way to experience your destination, it’s often the best value for getting around.  Consider hopping on the local trolley, train or bus. There are also great options like Uber and Lyft, which are now available in many cities and give you a comfortable ride at the fraction of a cost of other taxi services. On Justin and my recent trip to Las Vegas, using these transfer options saved us over $100.


Double Check Your Packing List


    We’ve all been there. You’re ready to take to the beach when you realize your swimsuit is sitting at home. Or your phone charger is still on your kitchen counter. Sure, you can go shop for a new one but that takes time away from relaxing and that’s money that can easily add up. Before you go, make a packing list and check it twice. I always include those easy to forget personal hygiene items like a razor, as well as items that I would appreciate being at my fingertips if I need them, like sunscreen, an umbrella and aspirin.

    Pack Snacks

    Instead of buying marked-up snacks from your hotel minibar or at the airport, pack some in your carry-on.  Granola bars, trail mix and dried fruit are a few items that travel well.  It’s also great if your hotel is near a grocery store or has a kitchenette in the room - use these conveniences to buy fresh fruit, snacks, or breakfast items. It not only saves you money, but you can lounge in your pajamas a little longer and won’t have to wait for room service.


     Get Cash Before You Go


      Avoid possible ATM fees by withdrawing cash while in your home city. You also won’t have to search for ATMs while you’re out and about.


      Take Your Own Photos


        There are plenty of opportunities to purchase tourist photos – like when you boarded your dinner cruise or that time you held a parrot. But with iPhones and other smart devices, a great camera is literally at your fingertips. Avoid spending $20 on a 5x7 when you can easily take plenty of great photos from your phone.

        Now what to do with that extra cash? How about use it for something special on the trip or towards your next vacation!