How to Stay Fit on Work Trips

We've all been there. Work travel takes over and our health and fitness take a backseat. Being on the road welcomes the hustle and bustle of moving through airports, eating meals on the go, and often less time for working out. But don’t let your fitness goals take a back seat. Just remember these go-to-tips for staying fit - we made it super easy for you, they all start with "W"!

1. Water

    Drink lots of water. Traveling can cause dehydration for several reasons, most commonly when flying due to the lack of humidity in the cabin air.  Also, work functions often provide plenty of caffeinated drinks like coffee and sodas. Try to opt for water, or at least rotate several glasses in during the day. Your body will thank you for it!

    2. Wake Up Early

      Sleeping in may feel better in the moment, but rise 30 minutes earlier and you’ll be glad you did. Use the hotel’s fitness center or do a quick workout in your room. Studies have proven that working out gives you more energy and makes you more conscientious about your food choices throughout the day. Here’s a short and sweet 10-minute workout you can even do in your room. Remember to stretch for a few minutes before and after.

      • 1 minute of walking in place with high knees
      • 1 minute of squats
      • 1 minute of jumping jacks
      • 1 minute of push-ups
      • 1 minute plank

      Repeat this sequence, and feel more energized for your day!

        3. Watch Your Portions

          Buffets and culinary stations are a popular option at hotels and work functions.  It may be tempting to try every dish and pile your plate high, but try to stay conscious of how hungry you actually are. Seek out healthier selections like proteins, whole grains, salads, vegetables and fruits. You’ll feel better about your choices while sitting through your next meeting, and even more so when you’re back home.

          4. Walk

            Work conferences and meetings may leave you stuck sitting most of the day. Choose to walk when you can – take the stairs next to the escalator, stairwell instead of elevator, and step outside for some fresh air when you have a break. If you have the option to go off-property for a meal, opt for walking instead of a taxi or shuttle if it’s within a mile or so.

            So the next time you’re traveling for work, remember the 4 W’s to a healthier, happier you!

            5 Ways Travel Resolutions Benefit You and Your Business

            2015 is in the books, and 2016 is off to a fresh start! In addition to goals for health, wealth and happiness, travel should be a top priority in the New Year. Whether it’s a long-weekend to a nearby city, an event with friends across the country, or an epic adventure around the world, travel benefits both us and our business. Here are Sales Driven Adventures’ top 5 reasons for setting travel resolutions.

            1. Experiencing new places changes you for the better.

            Traveling requires you to step outside your routine and often comfort zone. You interact with people of all kinds of backgrounds and see how others live. You’re reminded of all that you have and see the commonality of people all around the world. You experience extraordinary scenery that is breathtaking and grounding. When you do something new like blowing glass, going to a Broadway show, or swimming with sharks, you’re expanding your worldview and learning more about yourself in the process.

            2. Travel creates a vision and sense of urgency for your business.

            When you have an exciting trip to look forward to, you have a deadline and know exactly what income you need to achieve by a certain date. You have a vision of yourself enjoying the fun adventures that trip entails and know what business objectives need to be obtained to make that trip a reality. Allow yourself to dream BIG! We've done it ourselves and have seen it happen over and over again - top sales people having the income and flexibility for world travel. It is through hard work, dedication and vision that those business achievements and epic trips become a reality.

            3. Leisure travel is great for your health and well-being. 

            Hiking in the mountains, relaxing by the pool, watching the sunset over the ocean – these leisurely activities provide necessary and rejuvenating mental breaks. You also have time to reflect on your priorities and goals. When you return to work, you feel rested, focused, and ready for the next task at hand.

            4. New adventures are exciting and fun!

            What have you always wanted to do? Scuba dive in crystal-clear waters? Vineyard hop in wine country? See the sky illuminate with Northern Lights? Making time to try something new opens you up to all this world has to offer and gives you an experience you’ll always have to cherish. There are endless possibilities of exciting experiences and the more you seek them out, the more enriched your life can be!

            5. Travel makes you resourceful and adaptable.

            While on the road, you learn how to navigate unknown situations. Can’t speak the language? You find a way to communicate. Your bags never made it? Hello flexibility. Nervous about trying a bold adventure? It’s an opportunity to overcome a fear. The more you travel, the easier it becomes to go with the flow and in turn your confidence builds. Resourcefulness, adaptability, confidence and flexibility are all great skills you’ll apply to your business and everyday life.

            Now the question is, where will your travels take you in 2016?