Angie & Kevin Tuma: 4-Week Asia Honeymoon


Angie and Kevin are recent newlyweds who manage thriving businesses in insurance sales. They use the flexibility and income they create with Family Heritage to travel the world! They had previously taken independent trips internationally, but their honeymoon this past December prompted an epic month long experience unlike any other!

For four weeks, they traveled through three of the most gorgeous and historically rich countries in Southeast Asia.  Here is a look into how they made it possible to keep their sales teams motivated and maintain a revenue stream while they were gone. It was a fun conversation and they also shared their most memorable moments!

Sales Driven Adventures (SDA): What prompted you to take a trip to Asia?

Kevin: When we began dating, Angie had been thinking about traveling there.  I had already been and loved everything about it - from the people to the food to the awesome things to do. After I proposed, we decided our honeymoon would be the perfect time to take a month-long trip. We scheduled it for December after our November wedding and Mexico incentive trip, since the end of year tends to be a little slower with the holidays. We also didn’t want to interrupt our momentum into the New Year.  

How did you make it possible to travel for so long?

Angie: We worked really hard our first several years in this business. Through growth and team building, we set ourselves up to where we would have renewal income from insurance sales, even while we were traveling.  We had a leadership member step in to help out with our sales team while we were away.  We had also both been on international trips before while working in sales. 

What motivates you to perform at a high level?

Angie: I very much enjoy time off and traveling, so I’m motivated by this.  I appreciate that our company does cash bonuses on top of regular income. My goal for this Asia trip was to pay at least my end of the entire trip strictly through cash bonuses. So each week when I was close to achieving a certain level, it pushed me to perform even better since this was a really fun way to earn and spend the cash.  I’ve always used bonus money as an extra notch of motivation to go above. 

A couple of years ago, we used bonus cash to pay for a trip to Napa Valley. It’s fun to reward ourselves with travel without using any of our expected income. I also set a goal in the summers to work hard to enjoy 3 day weekends every week.  I also traveled through Europe for 6 weeks and Kevin had traveled for 4 weeks through Asia. We knew it was possible so we were motivated to hit our goals to make it happen.

How did you decide where to go?

Angie: Kevin had been to Thailand and loved it so we both knew we wanted to visit there together.  I started looking at this part of the globe and as I did I was really intrigued by Vietnam.  After seeing pictures and reading articles, it became a country I got really excited about visiting. Once we knew we wanted to make this trip our honeymoon, we booked a roundtrip flight into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This was the cheapest flight we found from the U.S. into that region of Asia. 

We actually didn’t plan an itinerary for our honeymoon until we got on the plane! We had been reading guidebooks so we knew the areas and highlights of places we wanted to visit, but the actual trip agenda started on the plane ride to Vietnam. 

Kevin: We also knew we wanted to take flights rather than local transportation because U.S. money goes far in Southeast Asia. It was well worth it to fly – it’s inexpensive, a more comfortable way to travel, and it helped us not waste any time.  The one thing we did plan in advance was our hotel for the first night in Ho Chi Minh City as well as a ride from the airport to the hotel.  Wifi is everywhere, so it made it easy to plan and get around once we were there.

Where did this adventure through Southeast Asia take you?

Kevin: We traveled to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. While we were there, we determined our route based on flight prices and shorter travel times.

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Can Tho, Phu Quoc Island

Thailand: Chang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket

Cambodia: Siem Riep, Phenom Pehn

What was your favorite experience from this trip?

Angie: We had a nice balance of adventure and luxury, so it’s hard to have a favorite!  Part of the time we stayed in nice beach resorts to have that relaxing honeymoon experience, while other times we really got out of our comfort zone.  One of our favorite experiences was when we booked a Hill Tribe Trek through Northern Thailand.  It ended up being a private tour through the jungle where we hiked up a mountain for 3 1/2 hours with a local tribe guide. We then stayed the night with a local family in a bamboo guesthouse. It had no electricity or running water, so was truly an off the grid experience!  

What advice would you give to someone considering an international trip?

Angie: At first I was a little nervous about how to get around without knowing the language.  The biggest thing that helped us was picking highlights of places we wanted to go.  We then read guidebooks to get a generic itinerary of how many days we should spend in each place. From there, it was easy to come up with our own itinerary.

Kevin: When visiting entire countries, there is just so much to do. You can see a million things or just the ones that are most important to you. We focused on enjoying the activities we chose, rather than feeling like we’re missing out on something.  When we flew to each new city, we called that our home base for a few days and stayed in the moment while we were exploring there.