Patrick Dichter: Creator of The Passport Protector


Pat was heading to Europe for an adventurous two week trip. The planning was done, the money had been saved, and his bags were checked. The only thing left to do was board the plane for Rome. He provided the gate agent with his passport, she took a closer look, then handed it back saying he was denied for passport ‘wear and tear’. This seemingly innocent infraction cost him four days to apply and obtain a new one, flight rerouting, and $2,500 to salvage his vacation.  Talk about an expensive and frustrating detour!

But there’s something Pat learned from his experience in sales that created a happy ending to this story. Challenges are the seeds of opportunity.

It was these circumstances that led to the idea for a new product to prevent other travelers from having a similarly difficult situation. Pat created and implemented The Passport Protector, a hardcore case that protects it from scratches, bending, water and other wear and tear that can easily happen. His project was 100% funded within two months.

Pat has long enjoyed traveling and first went abroad in high school to France. He quickly caught the adventure bug and was able to travel on several incentive trips in college. Working for Southwestern Advantage, he sold educational books that earned him trips over Thanksgiving breaks to destinations like Costa Rica and Mexico. Pat currently runs a sales organization with RevLocal, a digital marketing agency.

Pat's story of sales success and product innovation is the perfect reminder of how adversity offers opportunity, if we are open to seeing it. And living a lifestyle of world travel is possible when we are committed to working hard to achieve it.