Kyle Schneider: Travel as a Business Motivator

Sales Driven Adventures: You recently finished as the #4 sales professional in all of Family Heritage and reached your first Lifetime Achievement Award in just 2 years.  What motivates you to perform at such a high level? 

Kyle Schneider: I’ve always been competitive. I don’t want to be with the pack, I want to compete with the elite.  You’re always going to like your job more the better you do.  It’s like basketball, if you’re playing well and have a great team, the season is more enjoyable. The same holds true in business.

SDA: As a 26-year old, how were you able to grow your business working 4 days a week and still make 6-figures?

Kyle: I was recruited with Southwestern during college and worked there for 5 years. That gave me great sales experience. In my first 3 months with Family Heritage all I did was work. I worked 5 days every week and half days on Saturday. But by my 6th month, I was able to only work 4 days a week and about 35 hours. My confidence was up and I learned to produce more in less time.

I’m very appreciative of my job and this opportunity.  I’m blessed to be able to go to work and like what I do, all while helping people. There aren’t other jobs where you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time, especially optimizing the freedom that this job creates.

SDA: How has travel been a motivator for your business growth?

Kyle: Taking time off to travel recharges my battery. I plan my trips about a month in advance and it motivates me to work extra hard those few weeks leading up to the trip. I love taking personal trips with friends or to new places, but it’s equally fun to win an incentive and spend time with the great people I work with.

SDA: How were you first introduced to travel?

Kyle: I had been to Europe with my family and went to Hawaii in high school. The incentive trip to Mexico with Southwestern was my first time traveling on my own out of the country.

SDA: What are a few of your favorite travel experiences?

Kyle: I went fly boarding recently which was awesome! I had a water pack on my back that shot me 25 feet in the air. It was also insanely fun snowboarding with my best friends in Jackson Hole, WY. My family also took a trip to Alaska where we hiked Mount Denali. It was really hard but definitely worth it. I also recently jumped off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. It was scary but was one of the most memorable experiences from the trip and it makes me want to try more adventurous things when I travel.

SDA: What’s on your travel list of destinations and experiences?

Kyle: I want to go back to Europe. I’d love to watch a Real Madrid soccer game in Spain. The World’s Largest Zipline in Dubai also sounds awesome. I like being active and outdoors when I travel more than just sightseeing. Extreme stuff excites me the most. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa would also be great.

SDA: Finally, how has travel impacted your worldview?

Kyle: Traveling makes me feel appreciative of what we have here. It also makes me thankful for this job and its flexibility. It makes me want to do bigger things and gets me excited for what’s next.