Coming Soon: Justin's Space Flight!

To travel to space is the vision of childhood dreams. It's incredible that for the first time in history, space exploration is a real possibility for everyone who dares to dream it. We're excited to announce that Justin will be taking his next Sales Driven Adventures to the highest of heights - into orbit with Virgin Galactic!

He'll join the 700+ other people that are making space flight a reality. Virgin Galactic pilots their spacecraft up to 50 miles above Earth's surface.  At this height, passengers are recognized by NASA and the U.S. Air Force's requirements as official astronaut status. And per the U.S. Government and the Virgin Galactic team, journeying to this height recognizes passengers as bonafide space travelers.

Justin has set foot all around the world, from experiencing every continent and over 65 countries. Now, it's time to experience travels that are literally 'out of this world' amazing!

Stay tuned for details on the preparation, flight details and flight date! 


Disclaimer: Happy April Fool's Day.  At least for now. :)