Taking the Leap to Bungee Jump on Every Continent


We thought it’s only appropriate on Leap Day to take the literal sense when it comes to a travel and adventure blog.  Have you ever bungee jumped or would you want to? What’s it like to free-fall attached to little more than a string? And once you’ve had that incredible rush, would the fear be less the second or third time around?

Justin has a passion for adrenaline activities that has prompted him to bungee jump all over the world. His first jump was over Mediterranean waters while studying abroad in Cyprus, and since then he set a goal to bungee jump on every continent.  Here he shares his fears, excitement, and incredible rush that only this crazy activity can bring.

What made you want to bungee jump for the first time in 2006?

Justin: I was studying abroad in Cyprus and was in the mindset of wanting to explore more of this historic island. The first weekend there, a group of us went to the seaside town of Ayia Napa where we saw the opportunity to jump off a crane and get dunked into the Mediterranean 200 feet below. I figured it would be amazing so I had to try it with some of my classmates. It was a rush I'll never forget!

Where else have you bungee jumped?

J: My second experience came in Asia, on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand in 2008. Ironically, this jump happened as we were just walking around the island and came across The Highest Jump in Southeast Asia, which was also over water. I had to try it!

My third jump was in 2009 while I was traveling through Central America. While I was in Costa Rica I read about a company called Tropical Bungee that comes with a unique twist… a free airport shuttle! They picked me up at my hotel, took me to the jump, and then dropped me off at the airport afterwards. This was by far the best way to spend our last day in this amazing country.  It was a 275 foot bridge jump and a huge rush to mix it up and go BACKWARDS off the platform!

My most recent jump was in 2010 with Action Valleyoutside of Cusco, Peru. At nearly 400 feet, this was by far the highest I'd ever attempted. The weather wasn't ideal when I arrived but I'm glad I waited because it was an incredible jump!

Does it get less scary the more you do it?

J: Not really. It’s always a bit scary to jump off something that high knowing only a cord is tied to your legs. When you do get to the ledge DON'T LOOK DOWN! They will usually start a quick countdown of3…2…1…BUNGEE and that's when you leap! It can actually be a really fun experience if you clear your mind and don't overthink things too much.

How will you complete your goal to bungee jump on every continent?

J: Ideally, I'd like to jump in South Africa at Bloukrans which is the World’s Highest Bridge Bungee Jump. It's located about 3 hours from Cape Town. I also want to jump in Queenstown, New Zealand which is the adventure capital of the world and the home of bungee jumping.  As for Antarctica, there wasn’t exactly a bungee jump nearby so I did body tobogganing (sledding without the sled) among the penguins and called it good!

Why do you bungee jump?

J: One big reason is for the rush, plus it's fun to overcome your fears. I love to travel and was planning on going to these continents anyway so thought why not cap each one off with a crazy adventure!

Have you or would you bungee jump?