How to Blend Business & Leisure for Awesome Trips

Traveling for work is now more common than ever. Whether it's going across the state for a meeting, across the country for a conference or overseas for a product launch, the focus is on business. As it should be.  But, that doesn't have to stop you from appreciating the destination you are in. Blending in leisure time when traveling is becoming easier and more acceptable than ever. 

Work trips are being transformed into what Airbnb calls bleisure, a blend of business and leisure travel.  Successful business people around the world are getting work done and coming back excited and refreshed for having had down time.  Here are several ways to make work trips more memorable.

1. Pre or Post Extend

If your schedule allows, add in leisure time by extending your trip.  You can arrive a few days earlier for that meeting in L.A. or extend a night or two in the mountains after a meeting in Denver.  In today's world, technology can also allow for more flexible work. With our inboxes on our phones and tablets, we can experience destinations while still being accessible and even productive.

2. Use a Home Sharing Accommodation

Home sharing sites like VRBO, Home Away and Airbnb are great options when on the road. Their private properties allow business travelers to feel at home with full kitchens, living spaces, parking spots and local recommendations. You get to experience your destination like a local by immersing yourself as one. 

Airbnb is leading the bleisure travel trend worldwide and has partnered with over 135,000 businesses after launching a Business Travel market. We recently met with Airbnb Business Travel at the headquarters in San Francisco and it was clear this company lives and breathes travel, innovation and experiences.  New Airbnb features connect business customers with local insights, things to do, best places to eat and more in their travel destinations.

3. Dine Out

You know you'll be spending plenty of time in meetings, so use your meal times to get out. If you're staying at a hotel, skip the room service and take that ten minute Uber to a hot restaurant in town. Or opt for a place where after the meal you can explore a popular city street or landmark. 

4. Maximize Down Time

Some work trips are go-go-go from the moment you land. But if you do have down time, get out and explore. A short walk around a park, ride through a cool neighborhood, or popping by a famous landmark will give you that boost of leisure time to keep you going.

Who knows when you'll be back to New York, Austin, or whichever cool city your work trip is being held.  Keep your eyes open to new experiences and you may spark creativity and a fresh perspective when working.  Plus, you'll return home feeling glad you made time for you.