Best in Snow Adventures

There’s no need to wait for warmer weather when it comes to awesome outdoor activities! Ski trips, mountain getaways, and even simpler Midwestern terrain offer outdoor playgrounds in wintertime. Here are our favorite cold-weather activities that will make you glad it snowed.

Dog Sledding

Perhaps the closest you’ve come to dog sledding is that 90s movie, Iron Will. But to experience it in person you don’t have to travel to Alaska or even Canada. Justin went dog sledding in Minnesota and claims it’s a must-do for a truly unique and exhilarating experience! These trained dogs love to pull, and you can have fun learning how to command and drive a team of these powerful creatures. 

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

“Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh…” If you think the song is great, just wait until you experience a sleigh ride firsthand! There’s something nostalgic and cozy about riding in the fresh air through the mountains, and with a hot cocoa in hand. Maybe it’s the serenity and of it all, or maybe it’s knowing you’re in the midst of creating a memory. I arranged this activity for a large incentive group and there was something special about their laughter on a mountain being the only thing you could hear for miles!

Hot Springs

Who doesn’t love a natural hot tub surrounded by gorgeous scenery? Year-round hot springs are located nationwide from the Pacific Northwest to Colorado to the Appalachian Mountains.  What makes them so amazing is their mineral rich water combined with being centered among stunning landscapes. Relax after hiking, enjoy a sunset, or even go after dusk to experience the night sky. And for those times when a natural pool is out of reach, soaking in a hot tub under the stars will compensate just fine!

Skiing & Snowboarding in the Rockies

With dozens of meticulously groomed runs and world renowned ski resorts, this is skier and snowboarder heaven. Vail, Keystone, Copper, Breckenridge… the list goes on of slopes that receive record snowfalls and attendance from around the world. Whether you’re a beginner skier or have been skiing for decades, the Rockies are a must-experience!

Snow Tubing

If skiing isn’t your thing or if you want a different way to experience the slopes, snow tubing is the answer! Fun for both kids and adults, you fly down groomed hills on rubber tubes. Most tubing locations have automated rope pulls, making it easy and convenient to ride to the top while maximizing your time on the hill.


From a bike path in the suburbs to a trail in a National Forest, you can snowshoe just about anywhere.  This is a great outdoor workout when cabin fever starts setting in – just grab or rent some snowshoes and you’re on your way. My favorite places to snowshoe are in National Parks. With plenty of trails, streams, animals and beautiful scenery, it’s a guaranteed fun day.

What We Want to Try Next: Fat Tire Bike Riding

We haven’t yet been but it’s on the list! Picture a mountain bike, but with thicker and wider tires, designed to travel over snow and ice. It seems like a great way to get outdoors without having to wait for the snow to melt. These bikes have been hugely popular in the last several years and are ideal for riding over snowy, sandy, rocky, and other treacherous conditions you otherwise couldn’t ride on.

What winter adventure do you want to try next?