From spices that entice to adrenaline-pumping safaris, Africa has a way of awakening the senses.

I'll never forget the first time I saw a donkey hauling goods down a main road in Morocco.  Or waking up to the pure solitude of the Sahara Desert. Or learning to play African drums with a Berber while waiting out a sand storm. These experiences were unique to my American ways yet simply the fabric of this continent. No matter where your trip takes you, from history-rich Egypt to the stunning reefs of Mozambique, there's much to be discovered.

Top 10 Experiences We Love


Morocco & The Sahara

  1. Sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert
  2. Ride camels at sunset
  3. Sniff spices at a Moroccan spice market
  4. Visit a leather tannery
  5. Climb a sand dune in the Sahara
  6. Ride in 4x4s in vast desert land
  7. Explore the maze-like medinas (market/shopping areas)
  8. Play African drums with Berbers
  9. Experience snake charmers & belly dancers
  10. Hike the Atlas Mountains

South Africa

  1. Go on private safari to see the Big 5 animals
  2. Climb Table Mountain and watch the fog roll off like table cloth
  3. Winery hop outside of Cape Town
  4. Cage dive with great white sharks
  5. Explore the Cango Caves
  6. Sandboard at the dunes near Cape Town
  7. Explore the shops and streets of Cape Town
  8. Indulge in a Braai barbecue
  9. Take a river cruise and spot hippos
  10. Rappel down Table Mountain


  1. Ride camels around the Egyptian Pyramids
  2. Take a river cruise down the Nile
  3. Try your hand at hieroglyphics
  4. Visit King Tut's tomb
  5. Dive in the Red Sea
  6. View mummies at Cairo's National Archeological Museum
  7. Indulge in traditional Egyptian food
  8. Go on pilgrimage to Mount Sanai
  9. Experience snake charmers
  10. Get lost in Khan-el Khalili bazaar